The benefits of Water Therapy

Each of these jets produces a different sound helping to create different atmospheres and moods when combined with our aroma and chromotherapy systems.

Aquademy has studied various types of water jets to create different sensations each time: a gentle rain jet on the skin with a pleasant and relaxing effect, a spray that envelops the body in a regenerating water cloud, a tropical jet or a waterfall that produces an energizing effect.

Thanks to the experience gained from years of collaboration with the best bathroom brands, Aquademy now offers objects designed for the future, where technological innovation is blended with design and ease of use, in a comprehensive quest for quality.

Aquademy personally takes care of its products to the smallest detail, ensuring the perfect installation of its products, prepared to optimize and perfect the integration of the home system product.

This theme is really close to the company's heart because, already using the principles of basic home automation and looking at a real simplification of life in the home, it develops precise and calibrated advanced control panels.