November 29th, 2013 - Designer kitchen&bathroom awards 2013

Aquademy, during the time, has always been characterized not only for the design and functionality of their shower systems, but especially for the eco-sustainability that characterizes the comprehensive range of shower heads, shower columns, bodyjet and showers.

The constant attention of Aquademy in producing shower systems, that combine beauty and functionality with eco-sustainability, is not only receiving great interest by the printing industry and customers, but this year it has allowed the company to obtain an acknowledgment of great prestige: GOLD Award in the category Innovation in Sustainability.

The designer kitchen & bathroom awards  is a competition that takes place every year, with the aim to reward talented designers and product designers for bathrooms and kitchens.
The leading companies are the ones that with their efficiency and creativity know how to create quality products to their audience, ensuring longevity inside its sector.
The award categories are Design, Functionality, Marketing, Technology and Sustainability.

Aquademy always stands out, in fact, to propose hi-tech solutions able to controlling the water jet and ensure, with their use, a considerable water saving.The use of Aquademy shower systems thus ensures low water consumption, a consequent money saving and respect for the environment.