The Chromotherapy

CHROMOTHERAPY means using colors in moments of relaxation or stress.

Nature has more tones than you can name.

And although the eyes of each person perceive them in a very personal way, body and spirit have always reacted in similar ways to different chromatic stimulations.

Thanks to research, the scientific world itself has long been underlining that metabolism and the nervous and immune systems are influenced by the colours of our environments, food and light....

By penetrating through tissues, the energy of electromagnetic waves coming from light radiation provokes a series of reactions that improves the biological functions and, more generally, increases the perception of psychophysical well-being.

For this reason, chromotherapy can be an effective complement to other treatments, enhancing the results and helping you to regain your natural balance.

Based on the assumption that chromotherapy can have an influence, but is not a cure, it can be extremely useful for the body, mind and spirit.